SMART RENTAL | Simple & Convenient!

The room coordination is always not an easy job. We make our favorite choices from various furniture shops, home appliances shops, general stores and curtain shops but still cannot get a satisfactory coordination. Moreover, the styled furniture is expensive! For the SMART RENTAL service, the interior coordinator will select the reasonable furniture for the rental room. You just select your favorite style and furniture then the interior coordinator will provide the recommended choice for you. Because this is a rental service, the price is reasonable without any pressure. The rental fee for a 1LDK room is only JPY28,000 per month(with 2 years contract). The tableware, curtains, and the lighting can all be arranged by a simple procedure, it is extremely convenient. You can start your new life immediately by the SMART RENTAL service.

One stop solution for furniture and home appliances rental

The SMART RENTAL (Tokyo Furniture Service) is not only including the interior coordinator’s professional choice of styled furniture but also the home appliances. It is a total package rental system. Furthermore, the“tokyo furniture service”can provide all the necessities for a new room, from curtain, lighting and bedding starter kit to kitchen set and small home appliances. You can start a comfortable life immediately when you moved in.