<SMART RENTAL for a simple reasonable new life>

When you are coming home from another country and willing to stay in Tokyo several years for work, you will want to start your new life smoothly when moving in to your new home. However, you will find that the cost and time are always not enough. The furniture and home appliances rental service of SMART RENTAL is the answer for you.

You can choose from either Brand-new Furniture or Used Furniture Packages. Not only furniture but also necessary home appliances are available for rental. Customers are enabled to choose from a variety of kitchen sets, bedding, curtain, lighting and you can select at one stop. The necessary furniture and home appliances will be delivered to your new home directly and will be able to use immediately from the day you move in.

Brand-new Furniture Package

<Coordinated brand-new furniture rental>
Finding a new home and moving in; starting a new life is always a big expense.
Of course we want to select our favorite brand-new furnitures for the new home but the expense is high and it is also hard to visit various shops one by one.
SMART RENTAL provides the styled brand-new furniture coordination service. You can find a brand-new furniture rental plan to start your new life here.

Used Furniture Package

<Used Furniture Easy Start>
For example, if the term of your stay is assigned, it is too expensive to buy all the new furniture for your new home. However, if you search for second hand furniture by yourself, you may find some affordable furniture but it is very difficult to keep the sense of unity. Instead of buying anything new, let’s start your new life by the coordinated rental second hand furniture.

SMART RENTAL enables you to get the full set of coordinated rental second hand furniture easily.