Concluding of the Contract

Article 1. Concluding of the Contract
The user and Enplus Inc. do hereby conclude this leasing contract for the rental furniture and electrical appliances with the following stipulations.

Cancellation of the Contract

Article 2. Cancellation of the Contract
Cancellation less than 7 days prior to the delivery date will be charged free. For cancellation over 7 days, the user shall pay 20,000JPY as cancellation fee.

Contract term

Article 3. Contract term
The rental term starts on the date of delivery, and is for 12 or 24 months. The contract cannot be cancelled within 6 months in principle.

Termination / Extension of the lease

Article 4. Termination / Extension of the lease
1. The user shall give a written notification to Enplus Inc. at least 10 days prior to the expiration date of the contract either for termination or extention of the lease contract or option to purchase.
2. If the user does not notify Enplus Inc. for the termination, lease contract will be extended by 1 month after the expiration date. The monthly rent will be 50% of the original rent of the lease contract.

Cancellation of this lease

Article 5.
For the cancellation after 6 months passage of the contract, the user shall pay the cancellation fee calculated by following formula. In this regard, cancellation fee will not be required for extended term. Cancellation by item is prohibited.

Persisting number of months X Monthly rent X 50%

Monthly rent

Article 6.
Monthly rent of the contract is as listed on the condition sheet.

Purchase of the rental items

Article 7.
In case of the user choosing purchase at the expiration time, price is calculated by following formula.

12 months lease : 4 months amount of original rent
24 months lease : 2 months amount of original rent


Article 8.
The user shall pay 1 month of deposit in case of making an individual contract. Enplus Inc. will return the deposit after the termination of this lease. Enplus Inc. can apply the deposit as removal fee.

Delivery area and installation/remove fee

Article 9.
1. In principle, delivery area is within 23 wards of Tokyo, and the installation fee will be required as listed on condition sheet.
2. The user shall pay any fee for installation and removal of the rental furniture.
3. The user shall pay insulation fee by the due date on the condition sheet.
4. Enplus Inc. will quote the removal fee separately.
5. The user shall pay the removal fee by 3 days prior to the removal of the rental furniture. In case of no payment confirmed, it will be regarded as delay of return, and article 16 will be applied.

Liability for defect warranty

Article 10.
1. If the user does not report any defects on the rental furniture, Enplus Inc. will regard the items are delivered as in regular condition.
2. Enplus Inc. will not take responsibility for any hidden defects on the type, quality, quantity or software of the rental furniture, or for user’s mistake on their choice.

Damage made intentionally or by gross negligence

Article 11.
1. If there is damage, dirt by the user’s intentional usage or gross negligence on the furniture, the user shall pay for the charge.
2. The fee will be up to the amount of repair fee or the price of alternative item (brand-new).

Usage / Maintenance of the furniture

Article 12.
1. The user shall use the furniture by following the original usage with the care of good manages.
The user shall pay for the consumable items to use or manage the furniture.

Forbidden and Restricted Behavior

Article 13.
The user shall give a written notice and have an agreement from Enplus Inc. for the following action.
1. Moving the furniture from the originally installed place.
2. Taking the furniture out of Japan or letting the third person use the furniture.
3. Giving the furniture to third person or pledging.
4. Subleasing the furniture to third person.
5. Removing signs of Enplus Inc.s' ownership from the furniture.
6. Changing the conditions, colors etc. of the furniture.


Article 14.
Enplus Inc. has an insurance policy on the furniture. The user shall report to Enplus Inc. immediately if any accident occurs to the furniture, and cooperate to receive the insurance.

Enplus Inc.s' right to terminate the lease contract

Article 15.
Enplus Inc. can immediately cancel the lease contract without any notification in case of the user will be in any of the conditions below. The user shall return the furniture, and pay the unpaid rent or other monetary liabilities.
1. When the user defaults on payment of the rent, or violates any of the articles of this lease contract.
2. When the user stops payment or receives a note of dishonor from the clearing house.
3. When the user is deceased, files bankruptcy, and is being tried.
4. When the user suspends operations, close down or dissolve the business.
5. When the user is under seizure, sequestration, provisional ruling, execution, or foreclosure sale.
6. When Enplus Inc. recognizes that the user’s credit status is significantly aggravated and difficult to continue their business.

Penalty for delay on return

Article 16.
If the user fails to return on the expiration date, the user shall pay the penalty for the term from expiration date to the actual return date. Penalty fee will be calculated in monthly basis.


Article 17.
All disputes arising in connection with this contract shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court.