The flow of using SMART RENTAL service

Customers are welcome to contact us for any interested service found from our web site. Please tell us your interested rental plan and the detail of your needs by submitting the inquiry form. We will check the stock status and reply to you as soon as possible.

Please tell us your interested furniture rental plan and the delivery information with detail.

We will send the estimate, application form and the Terms and Conditions document.

Reservation for the application and installation date. (The rental items delivery can be reserved from one week after the application date.)

Please send the contract documents back after signed on.
Account transfer or credit card (Credit card: first time payment only) accepted.
From the second or third payment, direct debit payment available.

Delivery and installation

One month before contract expiration
A notification will be sent by SMART RENTAL.
Please make a decision to extend the contract period or end the contract (return, purchase etc.) by submitting the corresponding documents 2 weeks before the contract expiration date.

For rental period extension: Customer will receive the corresponding forms and documents. Please sign and send it back for the extension of rental period.
For purchase after contract expiration:
Please pay for the amount payable to purchase the rental items.
Please pay for the invoice sent by us before the contract expiration date.
For return the items after contract expiration: Please reserve the schedule for the collection of rental items before the contract expiration. Please note that the removal fee will be requested.
(Equal to the delivery and installation fee in normal case)

Contract expiration